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Other or more details:

[personal profile] el_staplador -- Look for new works by fan authors whose existing work I enjoy; browse friends' bookmarks
[personal profile] out_there -- I ticked all three, because I do use them, but most often I'll look for new completed English works for my OTP of choice in specific fandoms and try those.
[personal profile] ichipinky -- go through the bookmarks of authors I trust
[personal profile] alatefeline -- I have been known to google a topic or trope I want to read about.
[personal profile] extempore -- I have subscribed to various authors/series as well (AO3).
[personal profile] jae -- It's been probably a decade since I went actively looking for fanfiction, since I so rarely found what I wanted. While I was still reading, a day or two of reading at yuletide time generally provided me with what I was interested in.
[personal profile] devon -- I wish I knew the best place to find recs, esp for older fandoms like Atlantis and Teen Wolf.
[personal profile] glass_icarus -- Beyond recs, I also go through AO3 profiles of authors whose work I've read and liked - both their works and their bookmarks (if any). Tags are usually too annoying to check.
[personal profile] marginaliana -- my 'to read' bookmarks are immense
[personal profile] hokuton_punch -- I check out the profiles of people who leave me kudos to see if they've written in any of my fandoms, and sometimes check out their bookmarks if they haven't.
[personal profile] hyperfocused -- Browse through a writer's work, and/or their bookmarks
[personal profile] beatrice_otter -- I only read in fandoms I don't know when it's either an author I know and trust, or a rec.
[personal profile] weird_one -- I find most of my new fic my going to my A03 bookmarks and subscriptions and checking out the author's updates and their bookmarks.
[personal profile] kutsuwamushi -- Arcane combinations of advanced search options on Ao3.