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Other or more details:

[personal profile] glinda -- fic in fandoms I don't know, only by authors I already know/trust when they're writing a trope/concept I'm really interested
[personal profile] dancing_serpent -- If I don't know the characters, I don't care enough to read.
[personal profile] genarti -- I rarely read in fandoms I don't know, but if I'm bored and like the author enough I might
[personal profile] ichipinky -- For fandoms I don't know, it's because of the tags (kinks, etc.)
[personal profile] alatefeline -- I tend to start with fandoms I know, and if I like the authors, try their other work.
[personal profile] extempore -- Usually only fandoms I know. Very rarely, if a trope fascinates me, I read unknown fandoms as well, but I treat them as original fiction.
[personal profile] jae -- Specifically CHARACTERS I am interested in learning more about.
[personal profile] devon -- If I know a fandom well enough from Tumblr and journals, I consider that enough information to read the fic.
[personal profile] jesse_the_k -- following authors from fandoms I do know
[personal profile] theladyscribe -- Fandoms I don't know only when they are recced to me
[personal profile] scintilla10 -- For fandoms I know only vaguely or don't know, I usually only read things that are recced or are by authors I like, but very occasionally I'll try something if it's tagged with a trope that I especially love
[personal profile] hyperfocused -- New to me fandoms from writers I trust. Or easy to access Yuletide fandoms
[personal profile] weird_one -- I read fic in fandoms I know directly (watch/read the source material) and indirectly (friends keep me up to date on source material).
[personal profile] snickfic -- Look, if it has my very niche kinks, I will read practically anything.
[personal profile] kutsuwamushi -- I tend to follow authors to new fandoms - reading their fic before I see the work (if ever).