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Other or more detail:

[personal profile] princessofgeeks -- Sometimes authors post stories they will never finish and I will read those too.
[personal profile] dancing_serpent -- If the summary of a story sounds interesting, I don't care if it's finished or WIP.
[personal profile] out_there -- I will occasionally read a WIP (if really bored/desperate in that fandom) but then I end up with an AO3 subscription for something that hasn't been updated for months, hence preferring finished (and beta-read) stories.
[personal profile] genarti -- WIPs only if I love the fic strongly enough to subscribe to it on AO3; usually, WIPs are too much work to keep up with
[personal profile] james -- I only follow one WIP, otherwise finished stories and ongoing series only.
[personal profile] the_rck -- I will read abandoned things if they involve something I really want and am having trouble finding.
[personal profile] extempore -- I prefer everything to be finished, but if it's a standalone first part of a series, I usually make an exception and bookmark/subscribe to the series for future parts.
[personal profile] jae -- When I was still reading fanfiction, I always wanted to know that the arc of the story was betaed as well as the prose. I have literally never read a work in progress.
[personal profile] jadelennox -- WIPs never
[personal profile] marginaliana -- I go through phases of being more or less willing to read WIPs
[personal profile] hokuton_punch -- I try WIPs regularly but I try not to be heartbroken if they're abandoned.
[personal profile] skygiants -- I will occasionally read a WIP if I'm reeeeally in a mood to read fanfic for a specific thing and there's not many options available, but generally I try to avoid it!
[personal profile] weird_one -- I have a hard rule, I don't read wips that haven't been updated in a year, no matter how good the summary is.
[personal profile] michelel72 -- I'll sometimes read ongoing series, but I prefer finished ones
[personal profile] kutsuwamushi -- I usually look at the last date of WIPS - if it's updated recently, I'll give it a try.