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What should I post in December?

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Chessiecon and CapClave reports
12 (18.2%)

It Came From The Wips File, revisited
13 (19.7%)

Thoughts on Hamilton the Musical
30 (45.5%)

How To Design Selfpub Book Covers that look like pro book covers
26 (39.4%)

How To Get Comments on Your Posts
24 (36.4%)

How To Save Money By Not Buying Stuff, the Melannen way
25 (37.9%)

I attempt to make a post entirely in Icelandic, fail miserably
12 (18.2%)

Jello Mold Updates!
13 (19.7%)

Melannen's Favorite Drunk, Cynical and/or Depressing Christmas Music Mix
18 (27.3%)

Thoughts on The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
27 (40.9%)

Notes on birth control, for fantasy writers
38 (57.6%)

On relearning piano, two years in
10 (15.2%)

Some Things I Have Been Reading Lately
19 (28.8%)

So What's Up With The OTW Anyway
35 (53.0%)

Over The Garden Wall postwatching reaction
4 (6.1%)

How To Describe Clothing In Fiction
34 (51.5%)

Thoughts on my first time traveling outside the US
20 (30.3%)

Post your scans and squee about Kingyo Used Books and Raven the Pirate Princess
6 (9.1%)

shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings; why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.
15 (22.7%)

some links to interesting scientific papers. And stuff.
22 (33.3%)

Stuff from old notebooks
5 (7.6%)

Things that are currently annoying me about aro/ace protrayals in fanfic
36 (54.5%)

My first year with a smartphone, or: sufficiently advanced technology
25 (37.9%)

Mayor Madeleine's 'Country' skills, this time with actual resarch
6 (9.1%)

Why I Don't Read Many Novels No More
35 (53.0%)

Questions for my Readership
21 (31.8%)

Some random meme that looked interesting
11 (16.7%)

free space
5 (7.6%)

that thing you remembered five minutes after posting this
13 (19.7%)

that other post you promised but have clearly forgotten about so I will remind you in a comment
0 (0.0%)