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In your head, to what tune (if any specific one) do the Discworld dwarfs sing the gold song?

[personal profile] atreic -- the Monty Python Spam song, of course! Although I think Pratchett intended Hi Ho
[personal profile] simont -- The Monty Python 'Spam, spam, spam, spam' song.
[personal profile] stephdairy -- Spam Spam Spam Spam Spammity Spam
[personal profile] naath -- Spam
[personal profile] bohemiancoast -- spam song from monty python
[personal profile] hairyears -- Spam, Wonderful Spam!
[personal profile] sunflowerinrain -- G D E F G
[personal profile] rmc28 -- I don't know but I'll sing it to you. OH. The Monty Python spam song of course.
[personal profile] pseudomonas -- none until I saw this poll.
[personal profile] merrythebard -- Irresistably, the "Spam" song from Monty Python. I keep wanting to turn it into something more outright operatic, but...
[personal profile] fluffymormegil -- "Poing" by Rotterdam Termination Source
[personal profile] gerald_duck -- Spam / The Animals Went In Two By Two
[personal profile] ewx -- spam, spam, spam, spam, ...
[personal profile] damerell -- The spam song. But I suspect Pratchett may have meant the hi-ho song.