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You would rather be rocking

[personal profile] eruthros -- any of the clothes I ttly have to wash
[personal profile] arymabeth -- the beach
[personal profile] clavally -- A million dollars for EsuranceSave30? Wait a minute, this isn't twitter, nvm. Uhhh, no, still the money.
[personal profile] dizmo -- Sleep.
[personal profile] anatsuno -- dylan o'brien
[personal profile] zulu -- my bed, in sleep
[personal profile] theleaveswant -- massive antlers
[personal profile] jesse_the_k -- A comfy rocking chair
[personal profile] fyborg23 -- gold chains
[personal profile] seekergeek -- Tony Stark
[personal profile] devon -- Dylan O'Brien. He's so young. I could train him up right.
[personal profile] everbright -- perfect teeth