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Today you are rocking

[personal profile] arymabeth -- grumpy hair
[personal profile] clavally -- A bird that won't SHUT THE FUCK UP, JFC
[personal profile] dizmo -- Pajama pants and a Booster Gold shirt.
[personal profile] anatsuno -- yogurt
[personal profile] j00j -- Way too many layers of clothing
[personal profile] zulu -- Junior high kids' minds
[personal profile] theleaveswant -- copious cat hair
[personal profile] jesse_the_k -- Thermal bottoms with butch ruffles
[personal profile] fyborg23 -- leopard slippers
[personal profile] seekergeek -- nobody
[personal profile] devon -- cold cereal alone at the computer.
[personal profile] everbright -- enamel trouble
[personal profile] eileenlufkin -- cleaning up my subscriptions