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Poll #13657 house proud?
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What describes your approach to improving/maintaining your living space best?

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I pay others to make sure my home is nice (cleaners, decorators etc.) but don't enjoy spending time and effort on it myself. I rather occupy myself with other things.
3 (13.0%)

I enjoy home improvement/maintenance in a theoretical way (collecting bookmarks with tips, watching DIY shows etc.) but not so much the practice of realizing any such projects outside of fantasy.
10 (43.5%)

I regularly do projects to improve/maintain my home, and enjoy media and online tips as actual inspiration and for help.
2 (8.7%)

I like the practice of improving/maintaining my home myself, but have no interest in engaging in this through media or online tips to find inspiration.
0 (0.0%)

I'm not into home improvement/maintenance beyond the bare necessities, and don't seek out media in that genre either.
8 (34.8%)