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Poll #11320 What should the cat write in August?
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What story/stories should I try and write in August?

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Zombie language: What it says on the tin. A language gets revived and starts cannibalizing the current languages out there until it is the only living language left.
7 (38.9%)

Dreams: A detective that can go into the cities of your mind and her dream weaver girlfriend go up against nightmares, liars and evil forces that can only exist under streetlights.
6 (33.3%)

Zombie Cinderella: A retelling of Cinderella with her as a zombie, the prince as a masochist and the kingdom eventually no longer needing executioners.
4 (22.2%)

Angel/Fae war: Hell is actually Faerie and Heaven is crumbling. The angels need the fae magic to rejuvenate Above and the Fae need the angels because they patrol the borders of Faerie and and some of them are guardians to the Fae themselves.
9 (50.0%)

YA fae adventure: In which the Summer Maid and her handmaiden run away into the human world and the Fae of Crossroads, two stone soldiers and a Puck figure go after them. Mayhem and mischief ensues
6 (33.3%)

Road Music - A girl who can feel the roads beneath her feet and is haunted by fae, ghosts and other strange creatures she meets along the road, travels in search of a mythic hotel in which stories gather.
11 (61.1%)

Anything from This list
4 (22.2%)